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Software Requirements
Access to this site requires a modern web browser. In order to view documents on this site, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is free to download.

Online/Offline Documents
This site does not support the use of digitally signed offline (PDF) documents. Digitally-signed documents are stored under the control of London School of Economics so that their security and integrity can be maintained and asserted over the long term. Documents are accessed and signatures are verified online via this site.

Standard PDF copies of documents may be downloaded from this site for printing, but these are treated as non-official copies and are watermarked as such. The only official copy of a document is the signed electronic document that is accessible on this site. Relying Parties who wish to retain a record of their verified documents can do so by registering with this site, where they can re-verify a document that they successfully verified on a previous occasion.